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Why Do The Rich Keep Getting Richer… While So Many Others Have To Scrape By?

Wealth Breakthroughs started with a simple question: why is it that the rich get rich and richer…

While so many others are left behind financially, simply scraping by?

Was it that these folks were born into the right family — and had millions to start with?

Was it that they had the right connections to help them get ahead?

That’s what we set out to discover.

We spent months talking with and interviewing the world’s richest and most successful experts, digging into their story… figuring out how they got where they are today.

And we found that, contrary to what the talking heads on TV and political activists might try to tell you, building wealth has little do with where you come from, or who you know.

In fact… 88% of millionaires today are self-made — they started with nothing.

Instead, as we learned, accumulating real wealth comes down to just one thing: having the right money knowledge.

What You’ve Been Told About Money Is Wrong… Dead Wrong

What you were told about money — if you were lucky enough to be taught anything at all — probably sounds something like this:

The fact is, doing that just doesn’t work anymore.

For starters, it’ll take decades before you start to build anything significant.

Even then, the money you do build following this just isn’t enough to truly become financially free anymore.

Instead, as we found interviewing these top experts, there’s a much better way.

Through this first-ever Wealth Breakthroughs series, you’ll be put in the room with millionaire entrepreneurs, business builders, real estate moguls, and legendary investors…

As they show you the TRUTH about money in America… the real reason the rich get richer.

They’ll show you how they built their fortunes… and how you can build yours, too, starting right away.

You’re Invited To Join 40 Of The World’s Most Famous, Accomplished, And Richest Wealth Experts In This First-Ever Series

Aaron Kennard Passive Income Coach
Adam Baratta Author & Co-Founder of Advantage Gold
Alan Akina CEO & Co-Founder of 101 Financial
Alan Knuckman 25 Year Market Floor Veteran
Alexander Green Chief Investment Strategist for The Oxford Club
Andy Snyder Founder of Manward Press
Andy Tanner Author, Investor & Entrepreneur
Ann Wilson Founder of The Wealth Chef
Brian Page Founder of BNB Formula
Carl Allen Entrepreneur and Investor
Dave Blanchard CEO of the Og Mandino Leadership Institute
Dean Graziosi Entrepreneur and NYT Best-Selling Author
Erik Van Horn Founder of Franchise Secrets
Garrett Gunderson 25 Year Market Floor Veteran
George Gilder Founder of Discovery Institute, Investor, and Author
Greg Guenthner Chief Trading Expert at Seven Figure Publishing
James Altucher Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, and Podcaster
James Rickards Lawyer, Speaker, and Precious Metal Experts.
Jason Katzenback CEO & Co-Founder of Amazing.com
Michael McClary CPO of Amazing.com
Jeff Walker Founder & CEO of Internt Alchemy Inc.
John Briggs Founder of Incite Tax
Kenneth Polcari Sr. Market Strategist at SlateStone Wealth
Kevin Harrington Founder of Harrington Enterprises and Original Shark from Shark Tank
Kim Kiyosaki Founder of Rich Woman
Krisstina Wise Founder of Wealthy Wellthy
Marc Lichtenfeld Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Club
Marco Santarelli Founder & CEO of Norada Real Estate Investments and Podcaster
Matthew Carr Chief Trends Strategist at The Oxford Club
Michael Bernoff Founder of Humans Communications Institute
Nomi Prins Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Journalist.
Ray Blanco Editor at Seven Figure Publishing
Richard Schefren Founder of Strategic Profits
Rick Sapio Entrepreneur and CEO of a Financial Holding Company
Scott Stewart Investor
Tim Sykes Penny Stock Trader
Tom Wheelwright Best Selling Author and CPA
Verne Harnish Author of Scaling Up and Founder of Entrepreneurs Assocaition
Vishen Lakhiani Founder of MindValley
Zach Scheidt Chief Income Expert at St. Paul Research

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This Series Will Show You The Simple, Life-Changing Steps To Start Building Wealth In Your Own Life, Beginning Today

Sitting down with them in this incredible Wealth Breakthroughs series as they revealed the simple, life-changing steps they took to build significant wealth in your own life — showing you how to…

In short, you’ll discover all the closely guarded secrets to wealth you’ve never heard before.

How to make more money. How to keep more of the money you make. And how to invest that money to grow it further.

When you’re able to do these three things — make more money, keep more of your money, and grow your money — you’ll find it can quickly snowball into huge, life-altering wealth.

You’ll be amazed at how fast it can happen, too… how quickly your life can change.

You just need to know how.

Which is exactly what you’ll find the world premiere of Wealth Breakthroughs.

From serial entrepreneurs like Kevin Harrington who’ve made millions helping others realize their dreams of launching a business…

To ex-hedge fund manager James Altucher, who has become one of the world’s leading technology and cryptocurrency experts…

…You’ll see how you can get in position to act on breakthrough new ideas long before the mainstream.

From wealth building genius Garrett Gunderson you’ll learn how mindset determines your wealth path… and how you can change your path instantly if you’re on the wrong track.

From legendary real estate investor Kim Kiyosaki you’ll see why debt, used the right way, is an incredibly powerful wealth-building force and not something to fear.

Over and over again… from all corners of American life… 40 experts in all.

This is your chance to discover the exact same strategies the rich use to accumulate more wealth… so you have the chance to build the wealth you want and live the life of your dreams.

Meet Your Hosts

There’s No Reason You, Or Anyone Else, Can’t Become Wealthy

Financial independence for you and your family is an arms reach away right now.

Many of the guests featured in Wealth Breakthroughs started with nothing

They had little money… and no connections.

Yet, today, they’re some of the richest, most successful, and famous experts in America.

It’s all because they know the REAL secret to money — making more, keeping more, and growing it — the same secrets you’ll discover in Wealth Breakthroughs.

Never before has it been possible to learn about money directly from the source like this.

Reserve your spot for the first-ever, 100% world premiere below.

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By submitting your email address, you will receive a free subscription to Wealth Breakthroughs, and offers from us and our affiliates that we think might interest you. You can unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy.

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